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  Dear members, the Eriogonum Society seed list 2019-2020 is updated. As a member you are welcome order at any time. All seed in the exchange are donated by society members. Our many thanks go out to all who have contributed over the years.  

  Please note that the seed exchange is open to members only.  If you are not a member and wish to take part, go to the membership page and join us. All current Eriogonum Society members may request seed regardless of donor status; these orders will be filled on a first come-first served basis.  Donors will receive a free packet of seed for each individual donation, they make to the exchange. 

 For educational institutions or researchers studying the Genus Eriogonum, reasonable amounts of seed may be requested and will be filled on a merit basis, free of charge.


  A payment of $6.00 in U.S currency will be charged for each order and will contain five packets of seed. This fee will also cover postage. For convenience we prefer payment be made through PayPal or credit card. If for any reason this method of payment is not suitable, payment in the form of cash or personal check, made out to the Eriogonum Society will be accepted.  With your seed request be sure to include the Identification numbers and species names for your five choices accompanied by your surface mailing address (carefully printed). It may also be a good Idea to add your Email and phone number if you wish to communicate further. Please to send all requests by surface Mail.  

  When ordering seed collected in native habitats, basic location information has been noted. If further information is needed, include a request with your communication and I will attempt to provide it.

 Send your requests to:

John P Weiser 485 O’Brien Way, Sparks, NV  89341     Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


 Seed Donations

  I wish to encourage you as members of the Eriogonum Society to collect and send donations of seed to our Seed Exchange. In this small way we can all actively contribute to the objectives we uphold as the Eriogonum Society. We are hoping to get a larger cross section of seed form all climates and elevations. The most desirable would be perennials suitable for inclusion in a garden. I refer you to the article authored by Dr. Reveal ‘Eriogonum as a Rock Garden Plant.’

  It is easy to contribute, as we don’t need excessively large amounts of seed, let’s say, a minimum of fifty or more will do. It does not need to be cleaned 100% but it would be nice to have the ripe flowers stripped from the heads. Make sure they are dry, if not store them in a paper bag to dry: never leave them in plastic, they will mold before drying. Next pulverize/crush the ripe flowers with gloved hands and sieve out the fine chaff through a kitchen screen. You do not need to clean them further. I will do the final cleaning: if however you insist on sending clean seed I will never object.

  When collecting seed a paper lunch bag or two full of ripe flowers will normally yield enough seed to be worth cleaning. I highly suggest carrying a couple of bags when you are out exploring or working in the field. Take notes: Species-Variety-Place Name-State-County-Elevation, etc. Actually any information you have would be fine as long as you include the species name. Don’t forget to include your name so we can recognize your contribution of time and effort. Do not be afraid to collect even small amounts of material especially from isolated or hard to reach habitats, it’s always better to have a few seed from garden worthy Eriogonum than none at all. 

  I can accept seed any time of year. Seed should be in a sealed package, protected against crushing, since the USPS uses automatic sorting machinery. For larger amounts this means a padded mailer, smaller amounts of seed can be placed in a sealed seed or coin envelope. Surround this envelope with cushioning such as paper towel or facial tissue and mail in a standard envelope. Please send your contributions in by early winter if possible. This will allow me to have an updated list for you by the beginning of the year.

  If you wish to contribute:  John P Weiser, 485 O’Brien Way, Sparks, NV 89431

  If you have questions concerning donations you are welcome to Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it