2010 - Reno, NV, the low country

2011 - Bishop, CA

2012 - Malheur Field Station, Princeton, OR

2013 - Farmington, NM, Four Corners

2014 - Twin Falls, ID, south central Idaho

2015 - Reno, NV, the high country

2016 - Baker, CA, Desert Research Center, Mojave Desert

2017 - Weed, CA, Shasta, Trinity, and Siskiyou counties

2018 - Claremont, CA, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens

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Eriogonum Society 9th Annual Meeting

June 14-18 (optional field trip on Monday, June 18)

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens (Claremont Colleges)

Claremont, California


Tentative Schedule - updated June 13, 2018

Thursday (14 June) - Registration and Board meeting - East Class Room.  3:00 Registration.  5:00 reception, Johnson's Oval at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden (RSABG) . 

Friday (15 June) - all day at RSABG East Classroom with two half day Eriogonum identification workshop, tours of the RSABG facilities and collections (library, herbarium, grounds, seed storage facility, and plant nursery), a catered dinner, and a talk by Nick Jensen on buckwheats of Tejon Ranch.  Registration 8 - 8:30am.  Morning id session and/or tour 8:30am, lunch noon - 1:30pm.  Afternoon sessions 1:30pm to 5pm

Saturday (16 June) - Field trip to the San Bernardino Mountains.  Naomi Fraga and others will lead the field trips.  Catered dinner and talk that evening.  Annual report from the Board of Directors  Main speaker presentation and possibly another talk on the San Bernardino Mountain buckwheats.  

Sunday (17 June) - Unfortunately, the Tejon Ranch Company has decided not to allow us to visit their ranch.  In lieu of that venue we have scheduled a field trip to the San Gabriel Mountains.  More details to follow.  Official end of the meeting.

Monday (18 June) - optional day - Drive to Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, possibly lead by Steve Junak.  9am we leave for Santa Barbara, arriving around 11:30 to spend the afternoon at this plant paradise.  We can see arborescens, giganteum giganteum, giganteum formosum, giganteum compactum, grande rubescens, and several other taxa. E. elongatum is in the foothills nearby, and parvifolium is along the coast nearby. We might also be able to find a hybrid between arborescens and giganteum (“E. Blissianum”) in the Garden


Map of Claremont

RSABG, Directions and East Classroom


Lodging Options (provided by Naomi Fraga)

Here are some lodging options near Claremont, there are more in adjacent cities than in Claremont proper. 

Double Tree is very close to RSABG but also a little $$ -

On the cheaper side in Claremont is the Motel 6 -

Sheraton at the fairplex is fairly close -

There are several hotels in nearby San Dimas specifically in this area;  It is pretty close and there are a number of options. 

Also for camping I would recommend Maker Flats on the Angeles National Forest.  Manker Flats is about 20 min drive to the Garden. 

You may wish to consider AIRBNB to see if options might suit you better.  Several of us have already done so, finding a beautiful residence at a very reasonable price.

See you in Claremont!


 Eriogonum callistum, courtesy of Nick Jensen

 Eriogonum callistum, courtesy of the photographer, Nick Jensen